We all have them in the closet or collecting dust in the attic or garage. Who can forget those wonderful family home videos captured on video tape? Preserve these recordings. Relive and share the memories together with family. We can transfer these video recordings from a variety of formats to DVD or digital file.  Video tape formats we can digitize include: VHS, VHS-C, Digital8, Hi8, Video8, MiniDV, DVCAM, Betamax. All of your transfers to DVD include printed title and protective case for safe storage. Additional copies for the everyone in the family can be duplicated upon request.

Pricing for tape to DVD transfer

    • 1 tape – $25
    • 2-4 tapes – $23 ea.
    • 5-9 tapes – $20 ea.
    • 10-24 tapes – $15 ea.
    • 25 or more tapes – $12 ea.

Foreign conversions (PAL, SECAM to NTSC): additional $15 pertape.



Pricing for tape to digital conversion

    • 1 tape – $35
    • 2-4 tapes – $33 ea.
    • 5-9 tapes – $30 ea.
    • 10-24 tapes – $25 ea.
    • 25 or more tapes – $22 ea.

VHS tapes and all other formats can be converted to digital files such as mp4, mov, etc. for better storage. These digital files can be uploaded to the web for sharing with loved ones, or can be used for further editing on your computer if you would like to combine with other videos to create new memories. Digital files can be encoded for Apple or Windows compatibility. Converted digital files can be saved to CD or DVD media for storage or saved to customer provided usb flash drive or external hard drive at no additional cost. Dropbox links can also be emailed if preferred.

Broken tapes or tapes in poor condition may not be able to be transferred. We will determine if tape can be repaired which will require an additional cost. No guarantees on repairs or quality of sound after repair. Please contact us for details. We will not transfer any explicit material or recordings for which you do not own the copyrights or have written permission to transfer. Other restrictions may apply.