Blu-ray/DVD/CD Disc Support

Supports all popular optical media formats.

Multi-Language Support

Language is displayed in: English, Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese.

Fast DDR2 Buffer Memory

Memory speed 4X faster than competing models using SDRAM.

Performance & Reliability

Tested for maximum compatibility & stability.


The Athena V Blu-ray, DVD, CD duplicator controller is a revolutionary design with the latest technology. With Athena V you can complete multiple duplication tasks with a single duplicator and keep up with today's digital world, where file size is increasing everyday. Higher resolution photos, sharper and clearer HD video, and countless electronic files can easily be duplicated in minutes. Build a durable and efficient duplicator today using the newly enhanced Athena V controller and be a step ahead of all the rest.

Internal Interface: SATA
Buffer Memory: 128MB
Control Button: 4 Button Operation
Reading Speed: up to 24X
Maximum Writing Speed: DVD-R: 24X, DVD+R: 24X, DVD+R DL: 8X, DVD-R DL: 8X, CD-R: 52X
Supports Blu-ray Drives: Yes
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese
Hard Drive: Supported

1:1 CD/DVD Duplicator


1:3 CD/DVD Duplicator


1:5 CD/DVD Duplicator


1:7 CD/DVD Duplicator


1:11 CD/DVD Duplicator


USB/Flash Drive Duplicators

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