Whether you're looking for a simple paper sleeve, a multiple disc DVD case, or anywhere in between, we have the packaging option that's right for you. We want to help you find the packaging solution that best fits your duplication project.  Reach out to our duplication department to discuss your project in detail and we will provide you with a quote based on your needs.

Our packaging options include:

  • White paper sleeves (also available for 2 discs)
  • Clear plastic sleeves
  • Clamshells, CD shells
  • Polycases, Slim polycases
  • Jewel boxes (black or clear tray)
  • Slimline jewel boxes (black or clear tray)
  • DVD cases (black, clear, white)
  • Slim DVD cases (black or clear)
  • Multi-pack cases for CD & DVD
  • Albums for CD & DVD (black or white)

More packaging options available for replication quantities 1,000+:

  • Printed sleeves
  • Digipaks
  • Wallets
  • Mailers
  • Multiple page booklets for jewel boxes


Do you prefer replicated discs over duplication?  Are you in need of larger scale quantities, 1,000+?

Replication service is available. Discs can be done in bulk or you can choose from a variety of packaging options.

Contact us for more information regarding CD/DVD replication.